Our group was established in March 2019 after our founder Hayley Hardings application for an Educational Health Care Needs Assessment for her son was rejected with very vague and incorrect reasoning (despite having 7 professional reports all saying that he would need one). As a former solicitor, Hayley looked through the Cognus/ Sutton Local Authority guidelines and identified the large number of criteria that were in place, in breach of the Children and Families Act 2014. After raising concerns through both her local Councillor, Tom Drummond and MP Paul Scully it became clear that she alone was not going to be able to get Sutton Local Authority to understand or listen to and amend the areas that they were in breach. She felt the only way for her and all the other parents/ carers around the borough to be heard was to unite.

The Facebook group gained a large number of members quickly with over 100 parents joining in less than 48 hours and its membership now stands at over 300. Members have asked public questions at Full Council Meetings, presented a petition containing over 700 signatures at the Sutton Peoples Committee and spoken on local radio and BBC Radio London.

Group Campaigning

Sutton EHCP Crisis Steering Group