Welcome To Our Group

The current EHCP Application and maintenance system in Sutton is unfair, stressful and does not meet with the Children and Families Act 2014. Administrative errors are plentiful and decisions are made with little or vague reasoning.

Despite numerous attempts by our group to engage and resolve the issues, Sutton Local Authority has refused to meaningfully engage and Sutton SEND continues to be poorly run. It's our children with special needs who are suffering.

The groups aims are as follows:

  1. To campaign for lawful decision making in the EHCNA and EHCP application process under Sutton Local Authority;

  2. Support parents and carers appealing decisions to refuse to assess their children for an EHCNA or EHCP by providing resources and parent to parent support; and

  3. Campaign at a UK level for the government to implement measures that make councils accountable for their failure to grant children educational support despite them having a right to it.

What we've achieved so far

Key achievements

  1. As of September 2020 Sutton SEND Dept has the highest appeal rate in England with 6% of applicable decisions being appealed compared to 1.8% nationally.

  2. Since the establishment of the group in March 2019 appeals against decisions made by Sutton Local Authority have increased by 50%

  3. In September 2020 our group's founder, Hayley Harding was interviewed on BBC Panorama "Fighting for an Education"

  4. A review of Sutton SEND Services, commissioned as a result of the groups petition and published in January 2020 admitted that past systems were non-compliant against the SEND Code of Practice.

  5. Rejection rate for Educational Health Care Needs Assessments by Sutton Local Authority has reduced from 60.8% in 2018 to 40.4% in 2019 (although this is still not acceptable as significantly over the national average)

  6. The Sutton borough now has a group of over 450 parents willing to support each other through this stressful and confusing process

  7. Bringing problems of Local Authorities ignoring the law in relation to the EHCP process to the national stage

  8. Hayley Harding, was recognised by the National Autistic Society at the NAS Professional Awards in February 2020 with the 'Most Inspirational Volunteer' Award for her work establishing, maintaining and promoting the group